Who are we?

We are a collective. A collective of misfits that have one thing in common, We really really love cars.

In consequence of this, we own cars we love. But what we found was that when it came time to give these cars some lovin’ we couldn’t find any products that really matched our passion and excitement.

Nothing pulled us in and nothing screamed out. So we thought…  this has got to change.

So a mission began at CRC Industries NZ. A mission to disruptively innovate a seemingly normal market.

We have put together a range of New Zealand Made car care products that innovate through formula, packaging, and design, challenging every norm about the market, loading that slingshot and taking aim right at the big boys. 

We are about what you love and will continue to strive to bring you products and content that excites and breathes life into you, and most importantly into your car. 

We are here to disrupt. We are here to stay.